My Look at Opening Day in College Football.

Last Saturday, I covered my first NCAA football game with both my 35mm camera and my Iphone.  On Friday, WeAreJuxt  published this write-up composed only of my Iphone photographs. If you are interested in photography, and especially mobile photography, please stop by WeAreJuxt and check out the amazing work they feature.


And now……My Look at Opening Day in College Football.


What is better than opening day in any sport, especially college football ? It’s a time when the records are as clear as the pregame stadium seats.


The uniforms are still fresh and clean………….

2013-09-04T12-39-29_2        2013-09-04T12-39-29_3

The plays that will decide the championship are months away. Optimism and endless possibilities rule the moment. On opening day, we all have a first down…….


and we are ALL NUMBER ONE !


Then the rehearsals…… 



turn into Show Time……….





And, sooner or later, reality sets in and the dreams of an undefeated season or a possible championship start to fade a little, or a lot. 


One of my favorite things about college football are the unique traditions at each school and at The Air Force Academy they begin with a little mental intimidation of the opponent in the tunnel to the locker room and field.


As game time approaches, the Air Force Band moves into the stadium tunnel and begins to play and dance for the fans looking down from outside the stadium. 


The fans above begin to drop a considerable amount of one dollar bills down on the band, some in the form of planes.


Just before game time, hundreds of cadets march out of the tunnel and into the stands to watch the game.



Colgate took the opening series for a touchdown but it was a short-lived victory. Coming from New York state to an elevation of near 7000 feet and turf temperatures at 115 degrees had to be tough for Colgate.


I’m not saying the result would be different if the game was held elsewhere but opening day left the dreams of an undefeated season and a championship intact for Air Force football as they cruised to a 38-13 victory.



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3 Responses to My Look at Opening Day in College Football.

  1. Great shots! And congrats on being featured.


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