The Stare Down…….

The Daily Prompt wants to see “intense”.  Just look into the eyes of Notre Dame center Bruce Heggie. I wasn’t sure if he was posing for the shot, irritated that I was taking his photo, or just lost in the thoughts of the game.

Notre Dame at Air Force 680 (2) rgaw


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12 Responses to The Stare Down…….

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  5. angloswiss says:

    I have zero understanding of American football (where I come from they play with a round ball), but I just love that photo. the expression on his face is unique.


    • It was a bit intimidating. I was getting a couple of wider shots and I noticed his look. I dropped my camera down as it seems he was looking right at me. He was. I had the feeling he was mad at me for taking the photo but maybe it was just the intensity of his look. I raised my camera back up and fired a few tighter shots.


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