College sports has always been a major source of entertainment for me. I grew up in the pre-ESPN days when it was rare to catch your team on TV. I spent many hours listening to the radio of broadcasts of football, basketball and baseball. It was real but also Imaginary as my mind filled in the details around the words spoken by the announcer. More than once, I “saw” running backs James Brooks or Joe Cribbs burst through the defensive line, cut this way, then that way, as their jersey swished back and forth, then sprint down the field towards a touchdown as the yard line milestones being passed came flying out of the radio speaker. I “saw” Hank Aaron hit a baseball and “watched” it sail to see if it would finally break Babe Ruth’s home run record. I “saw” a chubby 6 foot 7 inch, college freshman Charles Barkley spring above older “intimidated and helpless” 7 foot opponents to slam home a basketball. I’m glad there are so many televised games now but for a kid, sports by radio was magic.

IMG_0921 (2) rgaw

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