Just barely into the age of 17, I decided to run my first marathon. I bought a book with a training plan which I religiously followed and a pair of $10 “running” shoes from the dollar store. The November race day finally arrived for the 125 or so of us signed up for the challenge of covering 26.2 miles on foot. The book recommend starting slow.  For the first couple of miles my pace was so slow that I trailed the motorcycle cop bringing up the rear. Soon I could see no one except a fellow slow-paced runner. We ran together, alone, for miles till he had to make a pit stop. Then I was on my own. It was like a training run rather than a race. I could see no one in either direction. Then, I turned a corner past the halfway mark, and encountered dozens of exhausted runners walking and stopping. I trudged on. With all the wisdom and stubbornness of a 17-year-old, I refused to stop for any reason including drinking fluids. I wanted to “run” the entire way. But, I found drinking while running hard to do without choking. My fluid intake was roughly a can of Gatorade near 18 miles.  The 70 degree temperatures were not extreme for what was becoming a noon Florida day but they were much warmer than my typically training days. I was far from being hydrated properly as I struggled across the finish line at near 5 hours. Over 25 runners had dropped out. I finished 4th from last of those that did finish. It was a Longshot that I ever made it to the finish line.

IMG_0899 (2) rgaw

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  2. andy1076 says:

    Marathon running is my mount Olympus of goals, Though I have to admit that it makes me kind of nervous, I train and train but yeah lol that’s a great position to end at though 🙂


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