They’re Everywhere

I saw 14 of these creatures on the way home today. That’s a new personal record.

IMG_9711 (2) rgaw


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7 Responses to They’re Everywhere

  1. Nice deer photo. Thanks for sharing. And, yes they are just about everywhere. I just came back from a two hour hike in the woods in Central Massachusetts looking for antler sheds. While I didn’t find any antler sheds, I did see deer fleeting through the woods, as well as about 4 dozen beds in the snow, 300,000 or more footprints, a few million droppings, and several bones from deer that had passed due to age, the weather, and the increasing presence of coyotes. My personal record for deer sightings was a total of about 100 from two hours of driving the back roads in Pennsylvania. Again, thanks for sharing. – John Schlichte


    • Thanks John! I lived in Alaska for 14 years and looked for moose antlers all the time but never found any. A couple of weeks ago while driving down the road a couple of miles from home I found a deer antler.


      • No luck with finding deer antlers so far this year, but there is still snow to melt so something might show up. Last year I found 1. The year before I found 6 in one area and 2 in another and that got me really interested. Timing and luck is very important as there are now many more people looking for them in my area.


      • John, what do you do with them?


      • Hi,
        The antler sheds I’ve found have been used as decorations and crafts, mostly for future projects.
        I have used some parts of antlers to make tops for walking sticks. Others will eventually become part of holders for hats or coats, or a bow (although I predominantly hunt with a camera which has a full year season and a lot more opportunities), or to make door/drawer handles. In the past I’ve also made some antler whistles modeled after others I’ve seen. On another interesting note, I’ve noticed that pet stores are now selling small parts/strips of moose antlers (presumably from drops) as dog chew items for which they are getting what I consider a good price for a small piece.
        Interesting. Good chatting with you. Have a good day! – John Schlichte,


  2. My record number in a 5 mile stretch from Fishtail, Montana to my home is 156.


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