I just hope to stay out of jail.

Actually, this is one jail I would not mind revisiting In The Summertime. This image was made inside the solitary confinement cell at Alcatraz Prison. I was on a tour. It was Mother’s Day. I had to seize the rare, and hopefully, only opportunity to give mom a call to wish her Happy Mother’s Day from jail.  Alcatraz is located off the shores of San Francisco, California, a wonderful city to visit and explore. However, this summer I will probably stick closer to home and explore as much of the nature of the Rocky Mountain area that I can manage.


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13 Responses to I just hope to stay out of jail.

  1. SocietyRed says:

    Great shot; I can feel the cold. This is a place I’d like to visit one day.


  2. Great title! I have never made that island. New time I get to the city I am sure to do so. It looks like a fun detour from the other places.


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  4. Oh wow, if I ever get the chance to visit I’ll be sure to order the audio tour too. 🙂


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  10. steven says:

    I recently saw Ghost Chasers on Television.. They happened to set up their cameras
    and audio recordings in Alcatraz… and with that in mind, you def captured the spirits
    who hauntingly still linger in this possessed place ~ ~ ~
    There was also a documentary of a man who grew up on the island of Alcatraz. His dad was a prison guard and all the children went to school by ferry to the mainland…
    He remembered seeing Al Capone and other hard core criminals arriving …
    Lots of stories … & thank you for sharing yours. Happy Mother’s Day


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