The Downtown Aquarium

We recently made the short drive up to Denver to visit the fantastic Downtown Aquarium. Upon arriving, our first objective was lunch. The Denver Aquarium features a reasonably priced restaurant that exceeded my expectations. I considered the fried shrimp but decided to go with the healthier parmesan crusted tilapia and I wasn’t disappointed.  Many of the tables sit next to the enormous room sized aquariums full of a variety of fish, seemingly friendly stingrays, and mermaids.

Denver AQ 017 (2) rgaw


Denver AQ 020 (2) rgawDenver AQ 042 (2) rgaw

There is also a cool looking bar area and gift shop near the restaurant.

Denver AQ 051 (2) rgaw

After lunch, we left the restaurant and headed toward the aquarium tour area.

Denver AQ 066 (2) rgaw

Before we began the tour we took time for a meet and greet with mermaids who posed for photos with the kids. Then it was time to leisurely tour the aquarium. We saw a large variety of sea creatures as well as reptiles and spiders.

Denver AQ 120 (2) rgaw

A tiger?  I must say I did not expect to see that at an aquarium,  but the Denver Aquarium has one. He wandered about the rocks, down into the water, and took a brief face-to-glass-to-face pause with some of the other visitors which caused them to gasp in excitement.

Denver AQ 090 (2) rgaw

I saw people of all ages enjoying their time at the aquarium. I highly recommend that you put the Denver Aquarium on your list of “things to do” when you are in the Denver area.

Denver AQ 135 (2) rgaw










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11 Responses to The Downtown Aquarium

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  2. andy1076 says:

    oh wow a tiger in an aquarium? guessing they prolly had that tiger since cub? that’s not just a kitten after all :O


  3. Jackie says:

    The mermaid pictures are absolutely stunning!!


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