Motivation for Monday

Runners, heading in the direction of Pikes Peak, work their way through the trails of the Greenland Open Space.  This is an image of this past Saturday’s Greenland Trail 50K, 25K, 8M . I had faint hopes of entering this event and completing my first ultra-marathon. Moving 1300 miles took a little “wind out of my exercising sails” and faint hopes don’t get most people through the training and to the finish line of a ultra-marathon. There are times that a goal has to be rescheduled. But, now I am motivated to work towards that level for next years race.  Do you have any running events or fitness goals that you are working towards?

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3 Responses to Motivation for Monday

  1. andy1076 says:

    I’ve missed two running events because I have had to work, yesterday was the biggest one across the city and sure enough 😦 sigh! I suppose i’ll get some more training time at least huh?

    Wow what a sight for a marathon though! beautiful 🙂


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