This Crowd has a different idea of Sexy.

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Mermaid Monday

Where did I find a Mermaid? I found one here.

Denver AQ 035 (2) rgaw

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Can’t Get It Out of My Head

What is my obsession? Well, it has to be photography. And specifically, photography as it relates to sports and fitness, travel, and nature.

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IMG_2974 (4) rgaw

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

The Fisherman Statue stands near the waterfront in Gig Harbor, Washington as a memorial to the fisherman and a tribute to the maritime history of the area.

IMG_2846 (2) rgaw

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The Downtown Aquarium

We recently made the short drive up to Denver to visit the fantastic Downtown Aquarium. Upon arriving, our first objective was lunch. The Denver Aquarium features a reasonably priced restaurant that exceeded my expectations. I considered the fried shrimp but decided to go with the healthier parmesan crusted tilapia and I wasn’t disappointed.  Many of the tables sit next to the enormous room sized aquariums full of a variety of fish, seemingly friendly stingrays, and mermaids.

Denver AQ 017 (2) rgaw


Denver AQ 020 (2) rgawDenver AQ 042 (2) rgaw

There is also a cool looking bar area and gift shop near the restaurant.

Denver AQ 051 (2) rgaw

After lunch, we left the restaurant and headed toward the aquarium tour area.

Denver AQ 066 (2) rgaw

Before we began the tour we took time for a meet and greet with mermaids who posed for photos with the kids. Then it was time to leisurely tour the aquarium. We saw a large variety of sea creatures as well as reptiles and spiders.

Denver AQ 120 (2) rgaw

A tiger?  I must say I did not expect to see that at an aquarium,  but the Denver Aquarium has one. He wandered about the rocks, down into the water, and took a brief face-to-glass-to-face pause with some of the other visitors which caused them to gasp in excitement.

Denver AQ 090 (2) rgaw

I saw people of all ages enjoying their time at the aquarium. I highly recommend that you put the Denver Aquarium on your list of “things to do” when you are in the Denver area.

Denver AQ 135 (2) rgaw










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I’m almost always Mellow.

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What is Your Limit?

Dean Karnazes was the topic of discussion in our teenager’s recent civics class. Specifically, the center of focus was his accomplishment of running a marathon a day in each of the 50 states over a 50 day period. Let that sink in a minute. That’s 26.2 miles everyday for 50 straight days. From my experience, the day after you run 26.2 miles, it’s hard to even walk.

In relaying the class discussion to me, I was asked “how could he do that?” and “why would he do that?” Well, the “why” was easy to answer: adventure and challenge. The “how”? I had to say I was more at a loss. Hours later that question came to mind again. I know Karnazes must have trained his body and mind over a long time to be able to reach this level. I do not know the technical aspects of his training but I would assume it would be along the same lines as training for a marathon but more intense. But the “how” question brought to mind one of the things that fascinate me about physical pursuits. What is our limit? How powerful can the mind become in overcoming the body’s objections? Chances are our potential is far beyond what we think.

Denver AQ 096 (2) rgaw



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I am excited.

My Commercial Licensing Gallery is now up and running. Here, you can license images for use on websites, blogs, print ads, merchandise, TV commercials, and more. If you are in the market for images,  I would greatly appreciate your consideration when selecting images for your projects. If not, but you know someone who is, please consider sharing my site with them.

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Taxis for Tuesday

IMG_5386 (2) rgaw

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March Madness Monday

March Madness and the college basketball season comes to an end tonight. What is your favorite sport to watch and/or play?

2012-11-16T20-45-56_3 (2) rgaw



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