Pacific Lutheran University swimmers cheer on their teammate at the NorthWest Conference championship.

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Free Throw Focus

This image of University of Puget Sound’s  Jaime Lange was featured by D3Hoops.com.


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Splish Splash

I got my feet wet shooting swimming for the first time (literally, and my back also) at the U of Puget Sound Logger Invitational yesterday.

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Out on the Course

I’m loving the combination of nature/landscapes and sports that I’m encountering shooting golf. This image is from Thursday’s match between Emerald Ridge High and Bellarmine Prep.

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Outside The Pocket

Murdock Rutledge (#1) looking for his receiver Matt Marengo (#23) is pressured by Jared Emanuel (#32) in last weeks game between the University of Redlands and the University of Puget Sound.

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A Perfect Storm

It was fun shooting the Kitsap Storm’s first round playoff game last Saturday. A “perfect Storm” of explosive plays on offense,defense and special teams led to a 48-0 Kitsap win.

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My Favorite Image of the Week

I knocked off a little football photography rust yesterday shooting the semi-pro game between the Kitsap Storm and the Portland Raiders. Even the weather felt like fall…an overcast, breezing mid 60’s. Full Gallery.

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It’s Free

Liquid , an offer has been made.

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May Day

As I enjoy travel and photography, the likelihood of capturing an image of Aztec dancers at some point in the past would have seemed plausible.

But, since I’ve never been much into politics until the last couple of years, it would have been Unlikely that I would accomplish this for the first time while shooting a political event. Yesterday, I shot the May Day Immigration and Worker’s Rights March and Rally, in support of The ACLU of Washington.  This image of Aztec dancers in their colorful, elaborate attire was made on the streets of Seattle.


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Grand Slam

More than one Smile greets this batter at home plate after he hits a Grand Slam.




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